House in Quinta da Baroneza

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Mesmerizing tropical views, sticking contemporary design that provides high-quality leisure time and, of course, unique artistic expression of the architectural project – eh, Brazil, Brazil. This vacation time villa is located 90 kilometers away from Sao Paulo and is designed by Candida Tabet Arquitetura for a young couple with three children.

The house provides not only vast open spaces, where the unobstructed float between in and out strengthens the feeling of living in paradise, but also high quality design materials and clever unusual solutions that create beauty along with comfort and charm. One of the signature features of the villa is the beautiful wooden lattice that surrounds the Northern facade of the house, creating not only much needed shadow and protection but also beautiful graphic pattern that falls onto the living premises and defines the elegant character of the architectural expression.

The clear lined and light interior design is suitable for the large open spaces of the social hart of the house. The furnishing and the decorative structures are a combination of modern and classic leisure time styles with delicate artistic character, defining supplementations like the designers lamps and lightning solutions, some contemporary art paintings, and bespoke furniture pieces. The beautiful natural palette of the chosen materials – wood, stone, ceramic tiles, is complimented by the natural color palette and most of all by the natural views dominating the surrounding. From the infinity pool onto the jungle, from the living room onto the sunset. Because no matter how contemporary, clever and artistic is the design no doubt the leading role of this house spirit is its surrounding and views.