Intriguing and Unexpected Architectural and Design Solution in London

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Fresh and playful, with intriguing and unexpected architectural and design solutions this London suburban house is one unusual (for its location) contemporary project. Behind the artistic facade – consisted of large glass panels and perforated steel sheets that alternate and created dynamic appearance.

The architects from Piercy & Co cleverly hosted incidental spaces, unexpected lights and complex vertical volumes. This playful spirit and informal tone is making the house beautiful family home that poses not only style and character but also intriguing functionality. This house project has also an experimental edge thanks to the usage of prefabricated weathering steel volumes and the self-build possibilities emerging from a digital fabrication.

  The unusual nudges and niches spread throughout the premises are further develop as a comfy nesting paradise by the warm homey presence of oak veneer paneling and wooden furniture, by the cheerful red textiles and soft fittings and by the muted neutral tones dominating the color palette. The material palette used in construction and furnishing is modern, natural and with clear light emanation. The dynamic architectural layout of the house- two wings connected with glass encased circulation link- and the abundance of natural light coming through unexpected glass passages creates one beautifully lighten home – a home with unique character, a home were living and playing are intertwined.