Small Brick House by Tropical Space

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LT House is a small brick house with a natural and pure beauty, located in a new residential area in Long Thành District, designed by Ho Chi Minh-based architecture firm Tropical Space.

The owner is a newlywed with the desire of having their house. With the limited area, the architects think that the private space should be shared to have more space for the sharing area. The furniture is designed simply and easy to make. To save the cost, the owner has bought the material and make all of them. Therefore, the cost for this part was saved significantly.

The front and back yards are the buffer space to reduce to hot from outside environment. The front yard is a relaxing area such as for morning coffee. This is the place that the wind, sunlight and the shadow of the brick wall meet each other.

The ground floor is a multi-function space. It is used for both to gather friends and for a small coffee shop in the future. The mezzanine is the family space including two bedrooms (one for the couple, one for the baby in the future), kitchen and dining table. This sharing space is designed for the user to feel the direction of the breeze and touch the shadow and sunlight while they move from the ground floor to the stair and this sharing space.