Vintage Charm Bohemian Villa in Brazil

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This artistic, even bohemian villa located in Brazil is immediately capturing us with its vintage charm, welcoming ambiance and unusual design. The architectural construct, a creation of ATRIA arquitetos, is flexible and contemporary, defined by the local climate, existing vegetation (the architects emphasize on the fact that no tree was cut during the construction and even one impressive twenty five meters high tree defines the inner courtyard, giving it a central focal point and life accent) and orientated toward low cost maintenance and relative auto-sustainability.

The main future of the house no doubt is the vast library space composed from glass and bespoke timber constructions and hosting over five thousand books from the owner’s privet collection. The intriguing volume is covered outside by perforated corten steel panels and defines the facade. The beautiful water premise in front of the large window screen adds magical charm and freshness to the composition.

The material palate of the whole house is chosen to be durable, attractive and to combine well – brick, natural concrete in floors and ceilings, local marble, and perforated steel – all combined bring warm, unusual charm and artistic emanation of the home. Adding to the bohemian artistry of the decor is the owner’s collection of local Brazilian artists such as Marianne Perretti, Rubem Valentim, Antônio Poteiro, Dona Izabel, Geraldo Teles de Oliveira, Glenio Bianchetti, Galeno, and others. With its clever openings and vertical sections, hidden spaces and picturesque angles all supplemented by some precious handpicked objects and furniture pieces the house is unique and welcoming refuge.